About PLG

History And Experiences, Exporting Micro Silica and Ash,SulphurSulphuric Acid Sulphur-Dry Bulk Sulphur-Molten Ammonia Nitrogen Phosphate Potash to China, Turkey,UAE And USA from 1994.

Export Rice Basmati to Austria,supply Gold, Silver and Diamond to USA, jewelry planet and Golden dream retail store in Spotsylvania Mall in Fredericksburg VA.

Our Experience, Memberships And Businesses

Work Experience​

  • New Amazing (1997)
  • Golf Dental Clinic (1999)
  • Jewel Time (2001)
  • Kent Land Dental Clinic (2002)
  • Gold Center (2003)
  • Jewelry Planet (2003)
  • Smoothie King (2006)
  • Gallery Wireless (2007)


  • Member of Franchise in USA
  • Member of Stock Exchange in USA
  • Member of most of the university in the World
  • Member of Ali Baba Trading
  • Member of Oil Corporation in Taxes USA
    Member of Gold and Diamond


  • Nobahar Golden Dream Reg. NO 304097
  • International Golden Dream Reg. No 599353 UAE
  • Nayab Inc.
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